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Oud Orient Perfume

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It is the story of a tree that binds its wounds by creating a resin of an unparalleled smell. Aquilaria crassna, the «bois-parfum», grows in the tropical forests of South-East Asia and this oud which it produces so rarely has acquired an ancestral spiritual and medicinal value. Buddhists burn it to better meditate. For its woody and leathery nuances, perfumery has made it one of its privileged raw materials, full of luxury and mystery, likely to seduce women and men. This animal character arranges a union with patchouli and rose, they make it gain in depth and sensuality. Under the elegant rose ready to hatch remains lurking the fiery wood.


Head: Neroli, Angelica. Heart: Iris, Almond Blossom, Heliotrope. Bottom: White musks, sandalwood, almond.