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Paris Heart Perfumes

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 Autour du parfum, the love of perfume goes by 4!

With the box 4 hearts of solid perfume it is the assurance of multiplying the scents where you decide to delicately deposit them, here, there, here or there!

All Autour du Parfum solid perfumes are highly concentrated perfumes based on vegetable wax and handcrafted cast in their workshop near Paris.

Placed in the smallest places of the house, alcoves, drawers, empty pocket or other giving free rein to your imagination, they will be the precious olfactory touch of all interiors.

Placed in the cup of a perfume burner, these hearts of solid perfume liquefy and release their scents. Solidifying at room temperature, keeping their perfume again, they are used several times. Under their solid appearance, they will embalm the small spaces of the house and recharge your perfumed objects Around the Perfume.

A box that will make your heart beat x 4!