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Santal Safran Perfume

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It is the story of two golds, married to give birth to a warm and sensual essence, invoking the animal lurking in each of us. The «liquid gold», the sandalwood, makes us travel to Asia, where he is close to the sacred. In the form of paste, it coats the sticks with burnt incense in Buddhist and Hindu temples. It is said that it has the power to raise the soul. His accomplice the «red gold», saffron, finds its origin in Greek mythology, emanating from the metamorphosis of a young and beautiful lover, Crocos.

The tone is given by the notes of head, saffron and cardamom, spicy and swedish. The flowering heart with jasmine gives the flowering heart with jasmine gives breadth and intertwines with aromatic lavender for elegance. The fleshy character is revealed by its ultra sandalwood, woody and amber background, which makes the effect of an intense caress.