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Beard Oil

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Our beard oils act as a leave-in conditioner for your beard, and more importantly, the skin beneath it. Everyone’s skin produces a natural oil called sebum, and sebum is critical for your beard's overall health, condition, and appearance. However, sebum gets stripped away in the shower from harsh detergents found in ordinary soaps. Beard Oils help replicate that oil and prevent your beard from becoming dry, brittle, and wiry while adding fragrance and a light shine.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Organic Virgin olive Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Rice Bran Oil,Vitamin E oil, Essential Oil Blend, Fragrance

How to use: Use on dry or towel-dried beard. Start by applying a dropper full directly into beard. Massage well to evenly disperse the serum. Use once per day. Apply daily for best results. Can be applied morning and night. Do not rinse. Style normally.